Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mary Pat's Mom's Quilts

Here are wo quilts for Mary Pat's mom. Luckily for Mary Pat, who wants this project to be a surprise, her mother doesn't read this blog.

On my last trip up to Ballston Spa Mary Pat handed me a gargantuan bag full of t-shirts. There were so many, and they all had such different sized images on them that the only thing that made sense was to do two quilts.

The first quilt:

Quilts By Kate

2nd quilt face is also now done. Just waiting for the fabric to come in to back it with and we're good to go!
Quilts By Kate

All quilts by kate are one-of-a-kind originals. The top quilt would be priced at the 20-square price of $150.00. The bottom quilt would be priced at $110 because the squares are super-sized.

Finished late fall 2008.

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